Starting November 1, 2017



  • INTRODUCTION: “What is S.T.E.A.M. education and how does VR relate to it? How can we use the technology to teach and learn in the 21st Century? We spend the first 20 minutes on a short tour of the space and then groups are sent off to objectively explore with a STEAM-centric map. After which they will create in a hackathon styled competition cementing technical and conceptual aspects of STEAM based VR education. (Introduction and short lecture 20 minutes, the scavenger hunt 80 minutes, conclusion and prize ceremony 20 minutes.)
  • OBJECTIVELY EXPLORE: Travel the universe quantitatively in 360 VR, from ashes to 6000 moons. The students will explore NEOS, a quantitative exploration that ends with a informative packet on measurements, technology, and how computation and scale are part of innovation (10 minutes).
  • EXPLORE 360: As part of the STEAM journey, participants will explore the universe  in 360 VR, from the moon and beyond they will learn as they navigate in immersive space. They will also explore art works from uniques immersive views and the world through creative as well as scientific and mathematic perspectives.
  • SHARE:


  • EXPLORE VIRTUAL REALITY: The exploration will also prompt participants to virtually explore our earth, down to detailed neighborhoods and landmarks. As well, they are encouraged to play on many of our interactive experiences while observing the technology, creativity and science behind the games.
  • CREATE: As part of their journey, participants collaborate, hackathon style, in an introductory composition, they paint together using virtual reality on one of our most popular experiences.
  • BUILD: Solidifying the engineering and math aspects of the STEAM exploration, small groups will interact within a creative building environment, creating 3D models, while sharing and walking within their imaginative 3D creations. 
  • CONCLUSION: At the end, all meet up to discuss the experiences and creations. The first group to have marked off all steam objectives and to have creatively responded to the creation challenges win a small prize.

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